A brand new concept from SAM – with bats!


In tough times, there is inevitable belt tightening and an element of prioritising across all expenditure. Value for money has never been more important and so family fun has to be a key objective. Games where all ages can interact in friendly, fun competition are invaluable.  Especially those where players can work together, as well as against each other.  Flashball is an exciting brand new game from SAM Leisure. The acknowledged masters of air hockey have taken the universal appeal and consistently high revenue potential  of that fast and furious classic games table, and given it a new twist. There is just nothing like a hands on, tactile, 3 dimensional game to get the adrenalin pumping, at any age. Add the across the table, face to face shoot and parry for goals, the incentive to win prize tickets and you really have a winner

Flashball utilises captive paddles to bat the ball across the playfield to score, and to protect the goal. This enables either 2 or 4 players to enjoy the game on the one size table, and eliminates the problem of missing bats and consequent lost revenue. The highly visible overhead scorer is in permanent attract mode with flashing lights, choice of music and facility for custom signage. The underlit methacrylate playfield that has revolutionised air hockey design (since SAM introduced it on Fast Soccer) is available in a variety of eye-catching designs. The game innovation is underpinned by tried and tested SAM technology.

Reliable and robust coin mechanisms and goal sensors, bright and attractive cabinets, chrome levellers and sturdy coin doors. Enhanced player protection and simple concept ensure even the youngest players will be back for more. For the operator, low maintenance doesn’t just save time and expense with staff, it means less to go wrong and reduced potential downtime. Flashball has no motor so interior cleaning is eliminated. The playfield is super slick methacrylate without the air holes, so cleaning spillages couldn’t be easier and just like SAM air hockeys the goals are easily accessed for clearing debris, without going anywhere near the cash area.

The constant search for the next big thing drives amusement manufacturers. Its early doors, but in SAM Flashball, operators will have a new but simple concept in a familiar niche. A great tool to capture attention and generate additional income.

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