Category C consultation underway


BACTA is urging the entire industry to get behind manufacturers who are looking for new technical standards for Category C machines.

The government consultation into the matter ends on May 3 and BACTA has drafted a response that industry members can email to the Gambling Commission.

The favoured response is for Option B of the consultation and BACTA would like industry members to respond as follows:

“We would favour Option B. This change is aimed primarily at high tech games that have complex top game features.

The current rules mean that when the player achieves a feature the time that the manufacturer can allow them to spend is limited by the fact that the games that led up to this also have to meet the time per game rules. The change would allow the non-feature games to be slightly shorter with more time being spent in the feature games. This would enhance the player enjoyment of the game while retaining the same overall average time per game.

This change will also help low-tech games that offer the player a choice of stakes. The players have already indicated they want value for money and prefer the lower stakes when offered (39% of games played at 10p against 15% played at £1). Currently these lower stakes are less commercially viable since they take as long to play as the higher stake games. The reduction in game time will allow manufacturers to offer these lower stakes that the player wants.  We believe that option B therefore provides the player with greater choice without any prejudice to the three licensing objectives.”

For more details of how you can help please email Leslie MacLeod-Miller

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