Chancellor says seasides are on his radar


This is Devon reports that Chancellor George Osborne has acknowledged the problems faced by coastal resorts, such as Torbay.

Torbay MP Adrian Sanders pressed the case of struggling coastal communities when he met with Mr Osborne ahead of last week’s Budget.

And the Chancellor told Mr Sanders the issue was ‘on his radar’, and called for talks on what could be done.

It comes amid continuing concerns over the challenges faced by seaside towns.

Evidence previously submitted to a parliamentary inquiry pointed out Torbay’s changing population could cause problems particularly in the area of social care, housing, and education provision.

There was a higher proportion of the population needing the assistance of local services while there was a smaller number contributing to their provision. Cash generated in areas did not necessarily remain in a community due to the increasing prevalence of the bigger, chain stores and businesses rather than independent traders.

In addition to problems caused by low wages, coastal resorts also faced significant environmental challenges such as rising sea levels, storm surges and eroding coastlines. Mr Sanders has called for support that ‘doesn’t rearrange the deckchairs’.

Mr Sanders said: “He accepted there’s a problem and he wants to discuss further what can be done. I am very positive.”

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