Cashless gaming now a reality with Playgo


The much anticipated Playgo cashless gaming app from G-Squared Games has now been deployed into the UK pub sector with installations into six sites over the last week, where it has been installed into 12 machines.

“The initial results of the site test are extremely encouraging. There has been some varied take-up across the sites due to different player demographics, which is what we expected,” stated Jonathan Powell, Director of G Squared Games. “In one location, we have had instant take-up with strong download and transaction figures. In another location relatively few customers have downloaded and used the app, and on another site the manager definitely boosted the number downloads by explaining the app to customers but in the main, customers have found the app for themselves and have been using it successfully,” he adds.

The next stage in the process will be for G Squared Games to expand the site test before rolling out the system fully and making it available to all its customers.

The Playgo App works as a virtual wallet on your smart phone and once it is downloaded, it is possible for the player to load funds from a bank account/debit card. Communication is established with the machine via a QR code – funds can then be transferred to and from the app – and importantly limits on spending can be set. The app features information on responsible gambling and offers the option of self-exclusion.

The Playgo app is completely free of charge for operators to deploy as charges are only incurred when funds are transferred to a machine. Additionally Playgo is machine agnostic so that it can be integrated into virtually any machine with online connectivity.


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