Industry Pushes Back on Penny Threat


As you will have seen in last week’s Spring Statement, the Chancellor mentioned the possibility of getting rid of 1p and 2p coins.  On the back of this bacta’s Chief Executive John White took to the airwaves in defence of the 2p coin.  Appearing on BBC Today Programme on Thursday 15th, the Jeremy Vine Show, and various radio stations the message was clear – don’t push out our 2ps, noting the devastating impact this would have on seaside pushers and the knock-on effect on the seaside economy.

Bacta put out a statement the following day, “We are delighted to announce that a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s office stated last night “There are no proposals to scrap 1p or 2p coins in the consultation that HMT issued yesterday.”

John Bollom, Director of Ameco Arcade at Mumbles Pier also spoke to the press – telling Wales Online that he sees the eventual phasing out of the copper coins as inevitable,  “I can’t give you a figure on how much it will cost us (if 2ps are scrapped), but it will be a large number,” he said.  “We knew sooner or later that it was going to happen, I will be sorry to see 1p and 2p coins go, it will be a shame. There’s a real nostalgia about coming to the arcade and using the machines, it’s a tradition many families of many generations do.”

Mr Bollom said he had a number of ideas if the change took place. “We are currently trialing Oyster Cards. Customers are able to buy a card and put credit on them to use the machines. This is an option, as well as tokens, but it’s early days. There’s no point in moaning about it, less people are carrying cash on them so we are aware that this was always eventually going to happen.”

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