G Squared Launches Innovative Playgo App


A solution for the problem of going cashless on AWPs has long flummoxed the industry – however – G Squared Games believes it may have come up with the answer. The Playgo App works as a virtual wallet on your smart phone and once it is downloaded, it is possible for the player to load funds from a bank account and then communication is established with the machine via a QR code – funds can be transferred to and from the App – and importantly limits on spending can be set.

The App features information on problem gambling and offers the option of self exclusion – so effectively bypasses the main issues and concerns that the Gambling Commission have raised. John Powell from G Squared doesn’t rule out the possibility of making the App available to other manufacturers of machines via a licence system and says that G Squared is already in talks with the leading retailers who have expressed a keen interest in moving forward with the project.

Image: Jonathan Powell demonstrates the App on stand 340

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The problem is that proprietors are so ill-educated about gambling machines, that if a customer puts a smartphone near a physical machine, it’s reason enough for barring said customer for “scamming the machine” or such nonsense. People still get barred for winning the £100 Jackpot (that’s been around over 3 years now) because the owners are not used to hearing such a lot of money come out of a machine at once. Therefore the punter is a scammer and must be barred.

If this is going to work, there needs to be a long-term system to improve the now poor knowledge that machine and location owners possess. Given that a three year old jackpot rise still hasn’t been become used to by many places, they’ll need to do something effective to get owners to believe that this app does what it says it does.

Jon Sands
18/01/2018, 14:39

This is just low.

The industry really doesn’t need this! I know its got the limit setting / gamcare stuff but are problem gamblers really going to take all that into account.

Plus we all know that Casino Kings have been done in areas and they play so rubbish. So this could cost the punter a lot of money.

Gambling commission should do something about this before it goes live. Plus the tech G-Squared use is useless and fails often that this would probably fail too.

Oh and we’d probably be barred for using a phone anywhere near a machine.. Frequently told off for looking at my phone in arcades and in some pubs!

18/01/2018, 20:01

I suppose it might save every punter from getting a note error, or having to watch banks dissapearing into thin air after the machine errors,, if you dont have to use the awful qaulity note acceptors provided.
Would also Save bar managers a lot of time from not having to constantly witness a payout malfunction every other day, waste more time getting on the phone to the company, only for the engineers to come out and say there is nothing wrong with the machine and it doesnt owe the player anything despite the staff and manager confirm as witnesses along with recorded proof via a phone.

if it was implemented over 12 months ago me and my friend wouldn’t still be owed 600+ from note payout errors alone (or one of the other million available regular errors that pop up constantly), along with every other person who plays these on occasion where at some point has also had to wave goodbye to money they had fairly won due to constant errors followed by an engineer coming out and saying, as always,the machine owes them nothing.

Oliver Winsons
18/01/2018, 20:36

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