Scan Coin XC3 offers choice of payouts


Scan Coin unveiled the XC3 note and change machine at Amex last week, incorporating the latest developments in coin handling technology. It has been developed for use in arcades, casinos and FECs to provide customers with a convenient change facility. Operators can set the payout combination to suit individual requirements.

In this new changer, Scan Coin has combined high acceptance rates with a secure operation that makes it suitable for a wide range of sites. This is further enhanced with the machine’s ability to accept up to 8 different notes and 6 different coins. It dispenses up to 3 types of coin or token from Universal hoppers fitted with hopper extensions and has a 20,000 coin capacity.

Reconfiguring the payout option is quick, easy and carried out by the operator. Using a simple ‘teach’ system, operators can re-set the payout to any combination of coins and tokens. To manage the machine and monitor usage, all transactions are recorded and can be viewed on non-resettable audit counters.

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