AWP/Pubs Partnership Under Threat


Sales of new Category C (AWP) machines into the British market up to and including September of this year totaled 15,790, but this figure, we understand, includes “greened” machines – analogue models that were rebuilt.

The figure also includes 5,000 digital machines, mainly supplied by the two manufacturing groups in the UK, Gauselmann and Novomatic.

The data comes at a time when British pubs – the major source of locations for AWPs – are under pressure, with as many as 15 venues closing each week, according to the British Beer and Pub Association. The organisation is calling for a cut of one penny in Beer Duty as the country’s Chancellor finalises his plans for the annual Budget due to be presented on November 22.

A cut in duty, says the association, will help to save pubs from closing. It reports that sales of beer in pubs, bars and restaurants has fallen by the largest margin in five years. The BPA reports that increased business taxation and competition from beer sales in supermarkets to be consumed at home was hitting sales in pubs. Beer Duty was raised last March by 2p a pint – the first rise in five years.

Brigid Simmonds, CEO of the BPA, said: “When the government was cutting or freezing Beer Duty from 2013-15 sales of British beer stabilised after years of decline. Beer has gone up 39 per cent in tax in the past 10 years and that is 14 times higher than in Germany.”

The BPA reports that there are more breweries in the UK now, but the number of pubs is down 17 per cent since 1996. This reflects the trend to drink at home,

by David Snook/Souce: Joseph Mischyshyn

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When are we going to get an article titled “Quality of games produced crippling U.K. AWP market”?

Because that’s what’s doing it.

Betcom/Blueprint have been releasing the same game for over 5 years now. No wonder people are fed up. And now with bonus 10 losing exchanges before you finally get a feature.

Bellfruit have tried to copy betcom and gone low variance machines that suck your money that you can’t win on. Why do people gamble? To win money ffs. You remove that chance and wonder why people don’t bother anymore?

Reflex are just whatever.

No barcrest or red anymore.

I dare say there are other factors at play but the games themselves are the number one reason. And this damage is being done over a number of years. People don’t bother anymore. Everything is the same.

And if something good is released it might not do well on test because the rot has already set in. You could make a game that will over time do really really well the test process can kill it resulting in manufacturers just copying each other and going low variance to try and scrape a good test figure.

The industry is a mess. Stop blaming other factors. Look closer to home first.

07/11/2017, 17:45

Well Said !!
We are an industry that is stale by tradition, even those amongst us who have tried to be more creative with play features in the past, only to be shot down by past presidents of the old British Gaming Board and supported by our trade association, who was scared to have the boat rocked and lose the “Nudge” feature that was not a legal feature but only tolerated by the British Gaming Board at the time.
We need AWP’s with more play appeal, even the Casino’s in the U.S have come up with features and price of play that appeal to the younger generation of players that were raised on interactive video games. We need to follow suit and make AWP machines more appealing to the pub goers.

Freddy Bailey

Freddy Bailey
08/11/2017, 17:36

I agree with the previous comments. A lack of competition in manufacturing will ultimately lead to complete stagnation. This in conjunction with unimaginative legislation will cripple the sector. Perhaps it’s time to ignite the younger players with more lifestyle products, esports for example.

Stephen Robins
08/11/2017, 20:42

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