Calinfer S.A partners with UNIS Technology on ATARI PONG® Table


UNIS has partnered with Calinfer S.A, the inventor of the ATARI PONG® Table to manufacture, market, and sell this product around the world.

ATARI PONG® is recognized globally and the pending release of a consumer home table product already has a tremendous response from the media.

UNIS Technology is excited to work with Calinfer on this incredible product.

As part of the global launch, UNIS and Calinfer will be bringing the ATARI PONG®  table to the upcoming trade shows:

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017, Orlando, Florida

Consumer Electronic Show 2018, Las Vegas.

EAG International Trade show 2018

UNIS looks forward to showcasing this licensed interactive true-to-life Atari PONG®  game to their clients. For trade show appointments or more information on product, contact

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………haven’t stopped laughing yet……….

retired operator
19/10/2017, 18:09

I agree, Bally failed when they introduced Pong to their slot machine range, a couple of years ago, the old time operators will remember when Pong came out in the 1960′s, we all rushed out to buy them for our locations , only to learn that the play appeal was boring and the high income only lasted a few weeks, it was not until Space Invaders came along that Video Games come back into vogue.

Freddy Bailey
25/10/2017, 20:38

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