Southern City Wins Aurora Cabinet at ACOS


Portsmouth-based Southern City Leisure is the lucky winner of a free Aurora cabinet from Blueprint, following the purchase of the 2,000th UK Aurora before the ACOS show.

“We thought we would award a free machine as a thank you and make the announcement at ACOS,” says Simon Barff, Managing Director at Blueprint Machines. “We are really pleased to say that Neil Finch at Southern City placed the winning order for the 2,000th Aurora and therefore won an extra one on us!”

Neil Finch, Managing Director at Southern City Leisure said, ”We are thrilled to have won, the Aurora has a real presence on site and even more so now with the 2000th machine coming into our new venue in Reading.

“I initially took my first Aurora on test shortly after ICE in 2015 and was blown away by it, so much so I ordered a further 7 within the first week with many more since. From my customers’ perspective they really enjoy the games, they tell me it’s like being part of an interactive cartoon,” he added.

“Most machines succeed or fail because of content, this is what Blueprint have got right on the Aurora, the games are amazing not just one but the majority. I was talking to a very nice couple only yesterday who were playing Wild Antics, their comments were: ‘We’ve won some money and lost some money but we’ve really enjoyed playing this game’. Well done Blueprint, please keep the great games coming.”

The Aurora cabinet is the result of classic German engineering with a scientifically ergonomic design. It features an enhanced sound system and the highest quality twin 27inch monitors. It is fully TiTo or cash compatible. Customers can buy the Aurora with the market-leading B3 Carbon gamepack or with the Titan Hot or Community Cash Vault gamepacks for Category C.

“The Aurora cabinet was officially launched at ICE 2015, with the first machines hitting the market in the late spring of that year,” adds Simon. “The majority have been supplied as B3 but due to the presence the cabinet affords within venue, a large number of customers have also pushed the boat out and taken it for our Cat C Community Cash Vault.”

For more information on the Aurora contact UK Gaming Solutions Ltd on Tel: 01765 607700

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How will any arcade stay open in 5-10 years now they have turned basically all the younger generation away with brain dead gambling that anyone can do from their sofa at home?. All Arcades now advertise themselves as “casinos” yet they all have deadpan video slots and nothing else. Try putting sime amusement back in to this and maybe people will start to return.

777 machines I see hardly get played now and soon these will follow suit. There is only so long someone will play with a hoop and stick

East Anglia
17/10/2017, 07:54

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