Bingo Course is Beacon for students


A total of 16 Assistant Managers working at Beacon Bingo clubs throughout the country are participating in a unique development course which has been created in partnership with the University of Derby. The Advanced Diploma in Leisure Retail Management, which has been designed to provide students with a meaningful vocational qualification, is the equivalent of a CIM and takes up to 12 months to complete.

Ant Vines, Business Development Manager at Beacon Bingo, explained: “This is an organically grown qualification that has been designed to provide candidates with the skills they need to run what is a big and diverse leisure environment. Running a bingo club involves handling significant sums of money generated from a wide range of sources from high turnover, hot and cold food catering operations to large scale gaming machine areas. It also means managing and motivating a large number of staff and ensuring the business is compliant – all set against the pressurised backdrop of keeping up to 2,500 customers happy all at the same time.
“In partnership with the University of Derby we’ve worked hard to create a demanding but enjoyable course which includes activities where candidates have to demonstrate the ability to both lead from the front and to work as part of a team – exactly the combination of character attributes required in bingo.
“The academic modules are project-based and again they are related to specific business issues such as how to most effectively use marketing channels to engage with customers and boost admissions, developing successful business strategies and accurate financial planning. Our first year intake is extremely diverse in terms of age, their level of bingo experience and their academic backgrounds. It’s testament to the contributions made by the University of Derby that the course has succeeded in engaging the entire group.”

Nick Harding, CEO of parent company Praesepe plc, said: “Whilst Bingo could be described as the show biz end of low stake gaming, it is also a very serious business valued in the UK at some £1.7bn. As a company Praesepe is committed to investing in its people, developing talent and attracting the leading candidates to be part of the very best team in gaming. We are already experiencing tangible benefits of this initiative with Assistant Managers applying their experiences and the lessons learned to their clubs.
“I think there are opportunities for the Beacon Bingo course to be adopted by private bingo companies and I would be delighted to talk with any smaller chains that would benefit from our experience. This is a great investment in the future for Beacon Bingo, for Praesepe plc and potentially for large sections of the bingo industry.”

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