Harry Levy to show Flappy Bird at ACOS


Harry Levy Amusements is eagerly awaiting the first ever Autumn Coin-op Show with a raft of new products, including an entirely new game based on the hit app – Flappy Bird.

The Flappy Bird app has been downloaded over 50 million times, but now comes in a life-sized format! Players simply press the large red button to skilfully manoeuvre the bird through the openings in the pipes. Crazily simply, yet surprisingly addictive, Flappy Bird will have players coming back for more.

In addition, Harry Levy will be exhibiting  Swings & Roundabouts. This hit coin roll-down game comes with a twist; and for good reason. Featuring actual moving swings and roundabouts right on the playfield, stylish custom beach themed artwork and high quality sound effects, this machine definitely impresses!

Other titles to expect at the show at Chelsea Football Ground include:

Celebration, Colour Match Club, Piñata, Scenic Railway, Sink It Shootout, Surf Side 12 Player and Sweet Lanes. 




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