Wanted: Bullion Bars Arena


Stuart Evans from Eldorado leisure in Clacton is desperately seeking a Bullion Bars Arena and failed to find one at the EAG. If you know where we can track one down – or you have one for sale, please get in touch!

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Hi Stuart,this is not connected to your subject above as i belong to a closed facebook group dedicated to the now defunct Truro Cathedral school which was set-up over 2 years ago by the Hylton brothers whereby we share memories,photos etc and an ex-boarder at Trewinnard Court mentioned your name on a post there.I tried messaging you on your Linkedin profile but i keep getting an error message so no luck there so here’s hoping here as it mentions you were a pupil there from 1974-79. Before i give you the link to join,should you wish to i just want to verify that you are the same guy as i have no photo to link to as it were.Look forward to hearing from you in due course. Jeremy (TCS:-1977-82)

26/08/2017, 23:42

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