Namco Europe: Pac-Man Ticket Mania

POA | New | 24/04/2013

Bandai Namco Europe has released the latest of its Fun to Win redemption range; Pac-Man Ticket Mania, which combines classic Pac-Man theme with innovative new features.

Players earn standard points by eating the dots on the maze but can earn bonus points by eating fruits, ‘frightened’ ghosts and by completing the standard maze. The centre ghost chamber is the Pac-Pot target. The main object of the game is to get your Pac-Man inside the Pac-Pot Chamber to win.

The Pac-Pot has a rotating jackpot number that ranges from 100 up to 1000.  Whatever number is displayed on screen when Pac-Man enters the chamber is the number he’ll win.

“Pac Man Ticket Mania is the direct result of a joint venture between Namco and Raw Thrills; a union that utilises the obvious synergy between two of the globe’s best performing amusement game companies. The appeal of Pac-Man never seems to diminish and we have extremely high expectations of this latest themed redemption game,” says Bandai Namco Europe Commercial Director John Brennan. “No matter what is the age of the player, this game is bound to appeal and we have seen wonderful results on site.”

Pac-Man Ticket Mania features a full colour LED marquee which will display messages during attract mode and gameplay. The cabinet features a traditional 4 way joystick with heavy duty microswitches. The joystick itself is double the size of a standard Pac-Man joystick for higher visibility and ease of use.

Pac-Man Ticket Mania has two fun celebration payout screens featuring familiar Pac-Man characters.  One screen is for the standard ticket payouts and the other is for the Pac-Pot victory celebration payout.