Blizzworx: Bebefun Island is Out!

POA | New | 11/04/2013

Bebefun Island is now a fact. A coin-operated game machine, which allows kids to be entertained and educated at the same time. With a 17-inch touch screen display, Bebefun Island offers 11 games to choose from.

‘My son gets really excited while playing with Bebefun Island, however I never stop him. Each game has something to offer plus he learns through fun,” says  John Panayiotou-Managing Director.

What  makes the Bebefun Island so unique, is the special adjusted back office software, which allows you to administrate your machine online. You can either, be informed of your profits or of any dysfunctionality the machine may have, directly from your office.

Bebefun Island can easily pull the little ones’ attention with its colorful and attractive appearance and its exciting graphics. It can also speak the language of your choice.

Design and constructed by Blizzworx, a EU manufacturer of Coin-Operated Game Machines, and software-hardware solutions with the power to create quality games.

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