Punch to Win: Kriss Sport

POA | New | 20/02/2013

First ever boxing machine with real prizes!
The Punch to Win boxing machine was shown for the first time during the EAG show in London this year and is a boxing based skill redemption machine with 22″ LCD monitor.
This machine puts players’ punch power and accuracy to the test. Punch to Win machine rewards winners with prizes and tickets.
This is the first ever boxing based game where we have put together elements of sport game, video game, prize merchandising and ticket redemption. Thanks to a difficulty levels setting operator knows how many prizes will be dispensed after a certain number of punches. 
Machine is equipped with servo motor punchbag mechanism, 10 prize bars (12 big prizes capacity and 90 small prizes capacity), 10 levels of difficulty, full powder coated metal housing, safe tempered glass, wifi or gsm camera monitoring.

Machine size and weight:
height: 206cm / 81inches
width: 74cm / 29 inches
depth: 155cm / 61 inches
weight: 290 kg / 640 lbs
Average power consumption is only 100W