Pac-Man Smash: Namco

POA | New | 19/12/2012

Namco has taken Air Hockey and given it a whole new dimension with its latest hit game Pac-Man Smash.

Faster and more furious than traditional Air Hockey, Pac-Man Smash features an incredible multi-puck feature that randomly releases multiple pucks onto the playfield for maximum fun!

The players use a giant mallet that is 1.5 times larger than usual, enabling more power in play, while protecting fingers.

“Pac-Man Smash is one of those games you have to see to believe. Customers know how successful standard air hockey can be – so when they see the multi-pick feature they are hooked,” says John Crompton, Regional Sales Manager at Bandai Namco/Brent Sales. “We all know that players love pinball multiball – Air Hockey multi-puck is going to be the next big thing.”

Housed in an eye-catching Pac-Man themed cabinet with large guards to keep the pucks safely in play, Pac-Man Smash is destined to be the arcade centerpiece of 2013. See it at EAG!