Dark Escape 4-D: Namco

POA | New | 19/12/2012

Namco has created the most terrifying horror shooting game the industry has ever seen with Dark Escape 4-D.

In an assault on the senses, Dark Escape combines 3D graphics, surround sound, seat vibration, air blasts in front of and behind the player and panic sensors to deadly effect. Players pass through four horrifying stages, Prison, Death Chamber, Cabin and Laboratory shooting all manner of monsters, undead and vermin to reach a truly petrifying finale.

A two-player, theatre-style cabinet means that players can enjoy the scare together:

  • The sensors on the grip of the guns record the heart rate and show the level of panic on the screen. Who is the most scared?
  • Each player has their own set of rear speakers and together there are 7 speakers and one woofer. Hear those monsters roar!
  • Powerful vibrations in the seats combine with the 3-D visuals. Players will feel the mighty steps of the massive beasts…
  • Watch in horror as vermin, zombies and other horrors ‘leap’ from the screen in astonishing 3-D.
  • Players feel the breath of doom on the back of their necks or the whoosh of air as a demonic force rushes towards them from the screen. Front and rear air blasts ensure goose bumps all the way!

“This is not a game for the faint-hearted,” says John Crompton, Regional Sales Manager at Bandai Namco/Brent Sales. “Namco is renowned for its immersive gameplay and Dark Escape 4-D plunges the player into an incredibly realistic horror environment. Horror shooting games invariably do well but this game takes the genre several levels further than it has ever been before. Having seen the players’ reaction to Dark Escape 4-D I know we have a huge hit on our hands.”