Fruit Mania: UNIS

POA | New | 24/10/2012

Fruit mania is a great new development from UNIS, distributed in the UK via Instance Automatics.

Ian Eason states: “This is a real great machine, basically a video based pusher that pays out redemption tickets, with swag on the decks ( in the form of gift boxes ) and various features going on in the background, it has a real rapid fire motion, insert 10p & you get to fire 10 coins at the rotating fruits on the back of the pusher bed, knock the fruits off if you can to enable bonuses, the coins then land on the graphics generated pusher deck & push coins & gift boxes off into the win hole, if coins or gift boxes fall down a centre chute, this then starts the bonus spinner, watch out also for the pearl jackpot feature.

You collect points as you go based on how many coins & gift boxes drop into the win hole & also are awarded points on the bonus & jackpot features, at the end of the game the points are converted into tickets.

“I have played the game a lot in our workshops and we have been testing it locally and have achieved some great results, the game is very entertaining and has a massive re-play factor, we are currently streamlining the software to make it suitable for the UK  and European markets, we have very high hopes for this game, I can see this being 2013′s best seller!

Fruit mania is available in standard or extreme versions to suit various environments, there is also an option of a seat with each machine ( highly recommended ).

Price of play, percentage payout & the amount of coins to fire per game are fully adjustable.

For more details contact   Ian Eason, Managing Director Instance Automatics LTD

01507 490003

Skype: ian_eason

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