Clockwork Orange’s Free Spins: Empire Games

POA | New | 05/09/2012

Clockwork Orange’s Free Spins 3 Player is the new Lo Tech AWP from Empire Games.The game has 5 different fruit values and a brand new Free Spins feature for the player to achieve.

The traditional Clockwork Orange’s  Feature entry is gained when 3 feature symbols are achieved in the reel window

If 3 feature symbols are achieved in the reel window but not in a straight line then one of the clock hands is activated and If 3 feature symbols are gained in a straight line then two of the clock hands become active, and if 3 on the win lineare achieved then all three clock hands are active.

The clock hands randomly spin to one of twelve positions on the clock face and when  3 of a kind fruit win is gained then it is paid into the win bank. If the player can successfully light 3 additional feature symbols whilst in the feature then the clock hands cease spinning to random fruits but step to the next available fruit and pays when 3 of a kind are gained.

The New Free Spins feature is incremented on the small clock face when a dedicated symbol appears on  the win line on the middle reel. These Free Spins continue to increment and are awarded when two traditional feature symbols and one dedicated Free Spins symbol are gained on the win line. The feature proceeds to spin in a random number of wins and these are accumulated and paid into the bank.