WOW: Magic Dreams

POA | New | 16/05/2012

Magic Dreams’  new Upright Cabinet: dazzling look, superb quality, brilliant innovation, these are the key values that WOW embodies.


WOW is the outstanding name of the brand new Multimedia Upright cabinet by Magic Dreams.


Launched in this year’s London exhibition,  WOW immediately grabbed visitors’ attention. With its dazzling look, created by blue lighting effects, WOW marks its glamorous presence in the slot area, becoming a real symbol of elegance and luxury. The iron structure with chrome and textured stainless steel details makes the cabinet so eye-catching that players are instantly attracted looking forward to experience they never lived before.


But WOW means also comfort and innovation at the same time.

The comfortable rubber armrest maximizes the ergonomic button panel in order to let the players totally concentrated on their gaming strategy. Each player can live a sensational experience thanks to two bright 22’’ LCD  Displays and the Striking HI-FI Sound System for a great sensorial immersion into the game scene.


The new MD’s Upright cabinet is designed for providing full advanced use of Coin, Bills and Ticket peripherals and conveniently hosting all the Player Tracking Modules.

WOW is designed for the new powerful technological platform XTEND. This means not only high resolution graphics, vibrant color depth, higher fidelity sounds and enhanced gaming experience but also faster and easier game conversion, smoother technical service, excellent operator usability, intuitive configuration interface.

Magic Dreams is very proud of the results obtained because all efforts made merged into a successful product born to have the WOW factor!

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