Jackpot Jungle: Brent Sales

POA | New | 18/04/2012

Brent Sales is pleased to introduce a new redemption game called Jackpot Jungle.

Jackpot Jungle is the latest in a line of hit machines from US manufacturer 5 Star Redemption. Players buy up to five balls to shoot at several targets on the playfield. By hitting or landing in these targets, a number of different jackpots can be won.

The game is 100% strategy and skill and has many features such as multi-coin, multi-balls, multi-multi games and multi-strategy. Players can choose which targets they want to aim for and can win up to 4 jackpots.

“This is a very creatively designed redemption piece for today’s market,” says Brent Sales Commercial Director John Brennan. “It has fantastic play appeal and appeals to all ages. Although it is very simple to play on one level, it is also quite strategic, so it builds up incredible player loyalty. We have tested Jungle Jackpot exhaustively both at both inland or coastal arcades and have seen people standing in line to play.”