Dog Tag Machine / Neck Plates: UDC

POA | New | 05/02/2012

Creating custom ‘Dog Tags’ or ‘Neck Plates’ is now super easy and affordable. Whether it’s simply for labelling your keys, your

emergency contact information, health/insurance details, a name plate for your pets, a luggage tag, even fun messages

or a show of affection for a loved one. There are hundreds of uses for the tags and now any one can make a one with this

super easy to use automated machine.

The attractively designed cabinet displays many different applications for the use of the tags with bright graphics and

large text. A smart touch screen interface is displayed on the anti-vandal screen allowing customers to enter their own

choice of characters to be stamped on to the steel plate. Tags can be supplied ‘as is’ on their own, or with an accessory pack

which includes a rubber ring to wrap around the edge, a short chain and key ring as well as a long chain that can be worn

around the neck military style.