Infinity Blade FX: UDC

POA | New | 05/02/2012

Since it erupted on to the amusement scene just over a year ago  the Touch FX system from Adrenaline Amusements has taken the arcade by storm. Featuring a huge 46” high definition screen with fast and responsive ‘multi-touch’ technology, quality graphics and super sounds.

Working with the worlds leading touch screen game developers Adrenaline have translated the coolest and most fun games from Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod and have bought them to FECs around the world. In the process they have perfected the ‘Videmption’ concept. Whether you operate ‘play for fun’ or ‘play for tickets’ Touch FX is one not to miss out on. An investment in Touch FX is an investment in the future, as it’s not simply a game, it’s a system with an ever expanding library of titles. Available in single player model, that can be linked back to back for 2 players, or as a 3 player station.

INFINITY BLADE FX, start your quest to battle Titans, the God King and the forces of evil with your trusty sword and shield.

Powered by Epic’s cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3.