Site Manager: JCA/Hazel Electronics

POA | New | 31/01/2012

SITE MANAGERTM from JCA Systems is a family of machine management and loyalty solutions designed to suit every machine, every location and every budget.

“Many management systems on the market are either prohibitively expensive for small arcade operators, or only reveal part of the picture of what is actually happening,” says John Comfort, Managing Director of JCA Systems. “Site Manager offers incredible value, whilst offering all the features of much more expensive systems.”

At its core, Site Manager uses wireless ‘black boxes,’ which are easily fixed to any kind of amusement and gaming machine. The boxes securely collect and transmit data back to Site Manager where the powerful reports provide a valuable tool in understanding and maximizing machine performance.

Data is securely presented to the site owner/manager via a live dashboard on their PC, showing all machine activity, hopper levels and issuing warnings when necessary. “Whether you are a small single site, or a large chain of gaming venues, the Dashboard will put you in the driving seat towards greater profits,” says Comfort.

Within the Site Manager family are a number of specialist products offering additional benefits. These include:


Room float accounts for additional security replacing paper-based systems. It offers secure authorization levels for different staff members and full validation & tracking of Handpays, Refunds, Transfers, Machine Refills and Adjustments.



Site Manager has been in the field for over four years and already monitors many thousands of machines in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia with full after sales support from JCA and Hazel Electronics, an approved UK distributor.


“I had just ordered a system from another manufacturer when I came across Site Manager at the last EAG show.  It was superior in design, had more features and was definitely lower in cost. Within half an hour I had changed my order and I haven’t looked back since. I have had great service and support from Hazel Electronics and JCA so I would highly recommend the system to anyone,” said Tony Green, Jackpot Amusements




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