Kriss Sport: King of Boxer Machines

POA | New | 18/01/2012

Boxing machines have hit the headlines already this year when Manchester City player Mario Balotelli missed his club’s New Year’s Day match due to injury – but was seen playing an electronic boxing machine in a nearby arcade – where he was beaten by a local man! If Mr. Balotelli wants to spend some of his £100,000 a week fortune, perhaps he could buy one of Kriss Sport’s latest machines and get some practice!

Kriss Sport is ‘the king of video boxers’ and has something for everyone (and every budget). The Cash Winner Boxer is the first ever SWP cash payout boxing machine, while Jackpot Winner Boxer is a redemption version of the popular game. iBoxer Striptease needs little introduction, while Army Boxer has a military theme. Kingpin Boxer has a bowling game and Angry Penguins has an Angry Birds-style game where penguins are thrown further, the stronger the punch thrown.

Download the brochure of  the range from Kriss Sport below:

Video Boxer Machines