Crazy Fruits Ticket AWP: Instance Automatics

POA | New | 04/01/2012

Instance Automatics have again developed another machine outside of their normal range of machines.

Crazy Fruits Ticket AWP is an instantly recognisable format & appeals to an age-group that plays this type of machine.

Ian Eason Comments  “We know that this is a winner, testing has gone really well out of season, with Bell Fruits Iconic build quality & their proven Scorpion 5 technology & the actual software code developed by our partners at Livewire Gaming, we know that it is where it needs to be & is very playable”

The machine holds around 8000 tickets, has a progressive jackpot & is housed in Bell Fruits legendary Eclipse cabinet & is adjustable between 30 & 84% payout.





Tel:01507 490003