Lady Luck What’s in the Pot – B4/C: Reflex

POA | New | 21/12/2011


» Wins pay left to right, and right to left, in accordance with the win plan.

» 1 – 4 nudges can be awarded, and in addition, associated “nudge cheats” may be made available to the player

»  All reel wins may be gambled by using the 1 – 6 reel, and if an exchange to feature position is reached, the player may exchange his win and enter the main lapping board feature

» Feature Board – 3 consecutive horseshoe symbols on the win line awards the main lapping board feature. The player progresses around the board collecting cash. If the player collects 3 keys, they then enter “Super Board”.

» Horseshoe To Super Board – 4 consecutive horseshoe symbols on the win line progress the player immediately into this super board where bigger cash prizes are available.

» Whilst in the feature boards, cash squares add into the Winnings Bank, ‘?’ delivers one of six possible outcomes.  Collecting 3 Pots of Gold will open up the “What’s In The Pot” feature game where the player can play for big cash on a “Take It” or Leave It” basis.

» Clover Or Over Button allows the player to gamble everything for the chance of Entering The Cash Shot Repeat Feature – Yes or No basis.


10p Play – £100 jackpot                                        10p Play – £70 + Bonus Chance

20p / 25p Play – £250 jackpot                             20p/25p Play – £70 + Bonus Chance

50p Play – £250 jackpot + 6% boost                  50p Play – £70 + Bonus Chance

£1 Play – £250 jackpot + 10% boost                   £1 Play – £70 + Bonus Chance