LAI Games Technical Advisor

POA | New | 06/12/2011

Position Title : Technical Advisor

Division :  PT. Matahari Leisure (ML) – Factory Division of LAI Games

 Reports to : General Manager


To provide support, guidance and training to all areas of the ML factory and continually try to help improve the quality and standards of the products produced and the efficiency of production.


1.     Product Technical Support

  • Provide product technical support for the ML factory as well as all LAI Games customers.
  • Provide and maintain support documentation for both the web site (public domain) as well as for distributors (confidential).
  • To oversee the safe archiving of any documents, files or records received or required for manufacture or production of all games and machines at ML, and keep all files up to date.

2.     Production Technical Support

  • To monitor the quality of all LAI Games products, parts and materials and continually work with the QC department to improve the quality of all products produced by ML .
  • To monitor the technical and EWS departments and give advice and training when required.
  • To monitor world safety and technical standards (C-tick, CE & UL) and advise production and QC departments on implementation. As well as to maintain any documentation requirements and supply these to any regulatory body or distributor as needed.
  • To help and support purchasing and production with sourcing of parts and materials required for production.
  • To continually help the Purchasing department look for better quality, more efficient or cheaper suppliers of parts and materials.

3.     Product Development Support

  • To give input on any new product as to serviceability, world safety and technical standards and ease of production.
  • To help in the technical aspects in the creation of Product Manuals, Assembly Manuals and other technical documentation.
  • To help in the technical aspects of new products when making the transition from R&D to Production. Especially in the areas of serviceability, world safety and technical standards.

4.     Miscellaneous Duties

  • Provide current and reliable information to all LAI Games Group for management purposes.
  • Other duties as required.


  • Minimum 5 years working experience.
  • Amusement machine industry experience
  • Amusement machine repair experience
  • Game Spare parts knowledge


  • Electrical/Electronics certification or equivalent work experience


  • Computer & General office software.
  • All factory machines and equipment or knowledge of the operation.
  • Electronic testing and repair equipment
  • Hand and power tools and assorted equipment

For more information about the job, relocating and the renumeration offered, please contact Marshall Ashdown on the email address below.