Ice Track hockey: SAM Leisure

POA | New | 23/11/2011

SAM Leisure have been suppliers of Air Hockeys for home games rooms for many years and have found the enjoyment and entertainment obtained with the super fast Methacrylite bedded hockey tables to surpass that of all other games room tables. The speed and excitement, the action and thrill of these machines explains why our customers comment “the Air Hockey table is always the most used in our games room”. It’s energetic, competitive, keeps players fit and active and is enjoyed by all. The speed of the game and a solid feel to the table are major contributors to the game experience and SAM are proud to say that “our Air Hockeys are renowned the world over as the most fun and the highest earning”.

The Ice Track is constructed to the same specification as SAM’s commercial air hockey range, which, as the UK’s best selling commercial Air hockey table for over 12 years, has a proven pedigree in the harshest of environments. You will see SAM hockey tables in most bowling operations, airport departure lounges, family entertainment centres, quality arcades, games rooms, even sports bars and nightclubs.

Ice Track delivers the true arcade experience for the home user, available for delivery before Christmas!