USB hard drive: Jaybox

POA | New | 16/11/2011

Following the disastrous floods in Thailand it is now becoming clear that worldwide supplies of hard drives have shrunk massively. Major manufacturers of hard drives such as Western Digital, have lost up to 60% of their production capacity to the floods, and it is impossible to say how long it will take them to recover from this.

The consequences of this are already being felt in the market place with the shortage of supplies driving up prices considerably and quantities for delivery being limited.

JayBox has developed a USB hard drive repair device which will certainly go a long way to alleviating the situation, and further reducing operator costs. “We had already developed the back-up operating system via USB stick, which engineers simply carry with them to site, before the Thailand floods.” said Graham Bolderson, managing director, “This was part of a development which is producing partitioned hard drives, which hold a mirror copy of the operating system so that engineers can rebuild hard drives on site without going to the trouble and delay of ordering a new one. We will be providing these partitions as standard with SATA hard drives very soon and, consistent with our policy of complete backward compatibility, we offer the USB stick version to repair the IDE hard drives which we have used for five years.”

JayBox is supplying all customers with one free USB stick on request and can supply additional sticks for £12 each. The company is busy sourcing alternative supplies of hard drives but it is clear that some price increases will have to be passed on to customers until such time as supplies get back to normal.