Cig Safe: Sound Leisure

POA | New | 02/11/2011

As of October 1 this year, cigarette vending machines were made illegal in the UK. With this in mind, Sound Leisure has designed a unique “Cig Safe” so that venues can store a range of branded cigarettes behind the bar of pubs and clubs, as a fully legal alternative.

Cig Safe can hold up to 48 packets of cigarettes securely and out of sight, using the minimum amount of precious space. If required, the unit can be bolted to the bar top via optional security brackets.  The dimensions are as follows: Depth 340 mm, Width 455 mm and Height 170 mm – 240v mains is required.

The price of each individual column is simply set via a managers key fob and displayed on an LED display. Entry to the safe is gained via “staff” key fobs, 4 of which are supplied with each vendor, however for a small additional cost any amount of fobs can be pre programmed at the time of ordering a Cig Safe.


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