Juke Britannia: Sound Leisure

POA | New | 26/10/2011

The Who, The Sex Pistols, Mini Coopers, Pop Art and of course ‘The Italian job’, all played their part in making the Union Jack an iconic symbol of fashion, style and rebellion.

Now, Sound Leisure has created the ultimate collector’s item by decking out the classic ‘1015’ nostalgia jukebox in red, white and blue.

“The Juke Britannia is the best of British, made in Britain and it looks stunning,” says Sound Leisure’s Chris Black. “We have had the Royal Wedding this year and next year we have the Olympics, we felt now was the time to create something that combines nostalgia and patriotism with a good dose of Rock and Roll! Given the relatively small number we are creating of this model, we expect the response to be huge.”

The Juke Britannia will be made in a strictly limited run of 99 units, and each jukebox will have a plaque with the serial number and description engraved upon it.  A framed certificate will also be presented with each machine.

The whole of the back cabinet features a section of the Union Jack flag on both sides, and the front door and knuckles are co-ordinated within the colour scheme.  All the specifications and technical platform is the same as Sound’s other ‘1015’ jukebox, and an iPod dock is available as an option.

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Seller:Sound Leisure