Free Fallin’ – ICE

POA | New | 26/10/2011

ICE’s Free Fallin’ and Free Fallin’ Max are exciting skill redemption additions to the Bandai Namco Games portfolio. The gravity-defying test of hand-to-eye co-ordination asks players to stop a ball in mid-descent amid a chute of ticket values. Stop the ball in the centre space and win the bonus jackpot of tickets but only after the ball has rattled through a pinboard at the top of the Free Fallin’ playfield. The game is available in two sizes, Standard and Max (the very large foot print unit with a larger ball).


Free Fallin' / Free Fallin' Ma

Width: 810mm
Depth: 1120mm
Height: 1120mm
Width: 1170mm
Depth: 1190mm
Height: 3180mm