iBoxer Striptease

POA | New | 21/09/2011

Elegant and eye-catching

One of the first things you’ll notice about iBoxer® Striptease is how thin it is. The screen is 17 inches  measured diagonally, so overall, it’s slightly smaller that the casing. It’s hard to believe that we could  fit so many great ideas into something so thin!

The machine draws the attention of passers-by  with high quality sound and animation on a beautiful high- resolution display. It’s hard to miss in street clutter, thanks to modern lines, bright colours and high  quality details.

But the iBoxer® Striptease is not only great looking

Buy one machine. Play many games.

The machine comes standard with four games (two power games, reflex and precision), but you can purchase an update which will extend the functionality with more interesting and beautiful games. Thanks to that, players will never get tired of the machine.

Beautiful outside. Impressive inside.

In addition to the 17-inch display with a wide angle of  view, inside you will find the best combination of custom-made equipment along with the latest mechanical solutions. The electromagnet has been replaced by a servo-mechanism, the transformer has been replaced by a pulse power supply, display glass has been replaced with 8mm thick  polycarbonate. This means the machine is stable for safe operation in the hardest conditions.

Everything in your language.

The machine is available in several key languages, but the software allows us to change the language to any that you want.

Acceptors will work with the currency of your choice. Coins, bills, or both.

Get even more attention.

The 17-inch screen is not just for games. In stand-by mode, it displays ads that attract customers and entices players. Make your profits grow, using 20 places for ads in the stand-by loop.

Really easy to maintain.

With the recovery menu you can easily solve most problems. It’ll also guide you through setting credits, regulate the sensor, adjust the volume and more. The essential information you’ll see on the screen, and the audio-guide will talk you through the repair. All without the need to contact us by phone or email.

Convenient set up.

From now on you don’t have to use the buttons inside the machine to set it. Browse through service menu and make changes, using ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons on the casing. We have also added a fast-forward function by press-and-hold of any button. The service menu has been rewritten, so now it offers several new features, such as stand-by volume setting, record drop-down time (in minutes) and value.