VenueHub will be at Park Avenue

POA | New | 25/05/2011

Sound Leisure will once again be supporting the Park Avenue Open Day – which it considers to be a highlight of the summer months for the industry.

Sound will be showing its latest jukebox – VenueHub – which has had an incredible reception since it was unveiled at EAG in January. In addition to large quantities of orders taken on the stand in London, VenueHub went on to win “Product of the Show” at Amex in Dublin in March.

The first V-Hubs are currently being delivered fresh from production and Sound Leisure expects interest to grow still further when news of a ground-breaking deal with one of the worlds leading internet music brands is confirmed over the coming weeks. Sound Leisure are remaining tight lipped regarding the deal and the new V-Hub functionality which accompanies it, but the company believe the development will dramatically increase the V-Hub’s appeal to a diverse range of music consumers.

Sound Leisure Managing Director Chris Black explained, “We believe VenueHub represents a turning point in the evolution of jukeboxes and its release will have a significant effect on the future direction of the industry. Our continued rapid pace of development is evidence of our ambitious plans for the product and this will continue for the foreseeable future. ”

VenueHub features the kinds of gesture controls that are common in today’s touchscreen-enabled technology and is the first ever coin-operated amusement or gaming product to feature a contactless payment option.

The company has gone to great lengths to improve the interface user experience following an extensive period of customer research. This ensures basic functions such as track searches are intuitive and streamlined, a massive benefit when the V-Hub is connected to the optional 6 million track ‘Unlimited’ service provided by SoundNet, Sound Leisure’s long term content partner. Other innovations enable Venue-Hub to resolve an ‘artist search’ even if the user doesn’t spell the name perfectly. It can return suggested artists as well as related results, so can display tracks by similar artists and even solo music from members of band you originally searched for.

Black commented, “People’s initial reaction is always primarily focused on how good the product and interface looks, but in truth the really impressive innovations with V-Hub lay beneath the surface. It’s a giant leap forward in terms of the intelligence and flexibility of the platform and this gives us the capability to create ground breaking features and functionality as the product continues to develop.”

Sound Leisure’s Alastair Tevendale will be present at Park Avenue to show the many features of VenueHub to customers.