Treasure Quest/Frogger: ICE

POA | New | 25/05/2011

Treasure Quest.

From sea to shining sea, you can’t miss with this high earning redemption masterpiece. Treasure Quest has cast off for locations worldwide as this highly anticipated 4 foot pirate themed spinning wheel is soaring off the production floor. Game play doesn’t get any simpler: spin the wheel left or right and try to land on the jackpot bonus or other high value spots and win tickets. The stunning cabinet design, colourful back-lit pirate and centrally placed wheel encourage game play for the entire family; players of all ages will enjoy their chances to take a spin fpr the pirate’s bountiful treasures. The game is equipped with superb pirate themed graphics and dynamic surround sound.


ICE’s newest 2 player skill redemption game will have locations leaping for Frogger ™ ! The smash hit arcade classic, officially licensed by Konami, has been transformed by ICE and Raw Thrills into a spectacular “must have” piece for any location. Frogger ™ boasts eye catching graphics on a vivid 42” horizontally mounted LCD panel, vacuum formed marquee, combined with a beaming 2 player podium style control panel. This instantly make’s Frogger ™ one of the most identifiable and sought after games for children and parents alike. Players release Frogger ™ on a quest to reach the Bonus Lilly Pad by pressing the flashing vacuum formed button. Tickets are awarded by eating bugs and added bonuses along the way. Timing and skill are everything, players must watch for passing bugs, floating logs, and swimming turtles if they want Frogger ™ to reach the coveted lilly pad.

Seller:Brent Namco