Powerful yet Compact the X-PC 1600

POA | New | 25/05/2011


Customers in the gaming industry require computers with high powered, high spec and high resolution graphic capability. A high powered controller that must be compact enough to fit in amusement and street gaming machines, at a reasonable price, coupled with a high performance capability is paramount. AMD fusion based chipset controllers allow a modular design system which leads to flexibility.


After evaluating customer feed back, Heber understood that the market was changing. The solution came in the form of X-PC 1600 from the Heber XLine range, which was driven by industry demands. The X-PC 1600 was designed to meet and support the UK gaming market. The X-PC 1600 had extremely high graphic capability and at the lowest cost in the industry. Heber was considerate of consumer demand when designing the spec for the X-PC 1600. An embedded single 12V DC supply was used, which resulted in minimal heat dissipation within the gaming cabinet. The X-PC 1600 used a high powered 3D/2D graphics engine, together with a high resolution dual screen output for gaming cabinets.


The X-PC 1600 is made in the UK and is supported by Heber’s proven track record and experience. With 2.6 million controllers to date, Heber can draw on a wealth of knowledge when supporting new and existing Heber Peripherals.

Employees at Heber have been designing creative electronic solutions for over 25 years. If you require more information on Heber’s expanding product range please contact our Sales Team at Heber, sales@heber.co.uk