Kalkomat Win Cash Boxing Machine

POA | New | 25/05/2011

Boxing machines are getting stronger and stronger in the UK. They are there to bring fun and competition, but at the same time to decrease aggressiveness in places like pubs, bars, clubs or funfairs allowing people to test their strength. More machines are sited all over the UK. Amusement business gains strength, new operators emerge… but you will surely ask yourself a question: how long will it last? How long will people be amazed?

Don’t worry, the answer is simple: they won’t! Boxing machines are being developed every minute and as an example there is a Kalkomat Win Cash boxing machine which meets every operators’ and clients’ needs. This is a redemption game, falling into AWP’s  - it allows winning surprise capsules with cash (between 50p and £50) when a record has been broken. The machinelooks attractive, has a cash-oriented design and allows for demo sound to be on (to attract players) and demo flashing lights, which frequency of flashing can be customized.