Ticket Ball Bingo – Instance Automatics

POA | New | 18/05/2011

Instance Automatics have developed another sure winner based around their fabulous conversion / rebuild video based games.

Ticket Ball Bingo is available in a brand new designed cabinet with a 27″ LCD monitor & Twin ticket payout units to speed up the Jackpot wins.

Ticket Ball Bingo is also available as a conversion kit on the Nova Skill ball bingo / combo four seasons cabinets.

Great skill based redemption ticket game, simple to play take it or leave it format, simple to win,very re-playable with various percentage options & also the option to set a consolation prize.

The greatest simple bingo based redemption game, BINGO players love it, taking top money Cat ‘D’.

The Gambling Commission confirms that Ticket Ball Bingo can be used in a FEC Redemption environment on 20 or 30 p play with a 800 ticket jackpot.


Seller:Instance Automatics