Jam Session: Bay Tek

POA | New | 16/03/2011


Jam Session is our newest quick coin game with one of the hottest themes- Guitar Rock!

Players that rock with Jam Session release the token down the neck of the guitar into the spinning target. When the target is hit the wheel rises up revealing bonus targets worth double tickets. The players really will be jammin’ when they hit a bonus target twice and could win up to 1000 tickets!

Jam Session is rocked out with an LED lighting package that is choreographed to the rhythm of the jam; the coin ramp chases tokens with totally rad lighting effects and offers a subtle under-glow that sends energetic vibes to players across the room.
Game Specifications:

Dimensions: 31″ W x 43″ D x 83″H
Weight: 300 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 340 LBS.

Seller:Harry Levy Amusements
Tel:01843 866 464