Go on!… Push your Pusher a Bit Harder

POA | New | 09/01/2018

Why spend £20k+ on a new pusher, when this add-on themed kit from Instance Automatics will give you the end result you were looking for?

Designed & built in the UK, we tested this for over 12 months and found that it increased the income of the same pushers, in their same position on the same site by between 60 and 75%.

Themes include Carnival, Pirates and Casino and fits 4,6,8 and 12 bed pushers with themed sounds, LED topper & Win/Mystery feature

The full cabinet branding sticker kit of your chosen theme is so easy to add that self installation can be carried out in one hour – a great turn-key solution!

More info at www.maxxgrab.co.uk

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