VR Omni Arena: UNIS

POA | New | 09/01/2018

Instance, official UK and Ireland distributors for UNIS Games, will be demonstrating the show-stopper VR Omni Arena, recently launched in the US at IAAPA. This new kind of virtual reality experience allows full freedom of movement in the game and full body control of the experience allowing players to immerse themselves fully in a simulated environment.

A series of omni-directional treadmills sync with the simulation software, adjusting the user’s position based on where they are within the reality that they are simulating. This allows users to explore a programmed world from a single location and to interact with the virtual world just as they would with the external one, creating an experience that is virtually indistinguishable from reality….

This piece of kit is something else, comes with 14 games as standard, and has recently seen the first UK installation at Resort World Birmingham. Come along and experience this amazing virtual reality for yourself on stand 902 at the EAG Expo.

OMNI ARENA powered by FUNVRTECH More info at www.maxxgrab.co.uk

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