Dead Storm Pirates

POA | New | 10/03/2011

A fully immersive piratical adventure in a dedicated 2-seat video simulator cabinet offering players a Hollywood-style thrills and spills experience. Bandai Namco Games’ Deadstorm Pirates has five stages with the first four – Stormy Sea, Mountain Rapids, Forbidden Cave and Giant Whirlpool – playable in any order.

Players join fellow pirates to defeat enemies with machineguns and cannons, whilst carefully controlling the helm to navigate through perilous courses. The ‘United Shot’ technique allows two players to overlap their gunsights and attack the same target with increased firepower. There’s a SDX cockpit version with moving seat and motion-stop button, as well as a DX one (still a cockpit cabinet, but with a smaller screen and no seat motion). Both cabinets are designed to block outside noise for enhanced entertainment in an enclosed environment, reverberating with 5.1 channel surround sound.

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