Golden Balls SWP

POA | New | 09/03/2011

Golden balls is an exciting new conversion kit for the Skill Ball Bingo / Deluxe machines & is available for both standard & 4 seasons / combo cabinets.

This conversion kit retains the SWP format of the host machine it is fitted to, Gameplay is a simple take it or leave it format with a £50 maximum cash prize & works well in all environments including single sites.

The kit contains a new CPU Unit that is NOT PC based, does not house unreliable hard disk drives & has no operating system to corrupt. It`s ultra reliable and plugs directly into the connectors inside the skill ball bingo cabinet. All new artwork and new acrylic panels are also supplied.

The CPU is supplied with a 12 MONTH WARRANTY.

Seller:Instance Automatics
Tel:01507 490003