Fusion: NSM Music

POA | New | 24/11/2011

The new Fusion is the latest technological marvel from NSM Music, amalgamating two jukebox legends in a uniquely powerful format. The Fusion has the dynamic look and stylish polished aluminium framing as the Apollo, whilst maintaining the Icon2′s profile and size.

The Fusion is powered by the all new Icon2 Ipac, the technical heart of the Icon range, packed full of high performance components and features. The Fusion’s massive 32 inch Samsung screen virtually immerses the user within the interface. Like the Apollo the display has 3 core sections: user interface, data belt and a dedicated multimedia and video section.

The Data Belt displays live information from RSS feeds, allowing information such as live sports results, news and weather to be fed directly onto the screen. Multimedia and video come into their own with the dedicated section at the top allowing users to view their selections more easily.

Seller:NSM Music
Tel:44 1132713708