Icon: NSM Music

POA | New | 24/11/2011

Icon is the jukebox that has revolutionised the face of coin-slot entertainment. Compact and light only in weight, at 33 kg., Icon offers easy track selection, great on-screen graphics and a massive library of audio and video tracks, as well as 3G and on-line access.A choice of livery as well as custom design together with awesome 650 watt amplification makes Icon the obvious choice for discerning music lovers.Built to be lean, mean and reliable, the Icon hits the mark, offering patrons a simple to use interface, over 40,000 audio/video tracks and up to 1200 watts of power.

Height: 800 mm
Width: 490 mm
Depth: 197 mm
Weight: 31 kgs
Peak Music Power Output
At 8 ohms : 2 ch. X 1750 watts = 3500 watts per amplifier
At 4 ohms : 2 ch. X 2400 watts = 4800 watts per amplifier

Automatic Volume Control
Multiple audio/visual switching modes
Regular updates via broadband/CD/USB
User friendly book keeping data
Stereo aux input

Seller:NSM Music
Tel:+44 1132713708