ECO Tickets from UDC

POA | New | 18/01/2011

UDC’s ECO Tickets are made from a revolutionary thinner paper that produces less dust but is still robust and strong enough to be used for redemption tickets. Don’t confuse thinner paper with lower quality. We use only high-quality stiffer paper with a high virgin fibre content than many of our competitors. UDC’s single layer paper also has higher brightness delivering better print quality. The reduced weight of the tickets means less wear and tear on your ticket dispensers, helping them to last longer. Thinner tickets allow bundles of 3000 tickets to be inserted inside machines, instead of stacks of 2500.

We now offer two grades of ticket: the ECO-7 (7 pts. thick) and ECO-8 (8 pts). as an option for customers wanting a thicker ticket while retaining 3,000 ticket bundles.


We can provide extra protection against ticket fraud by printing your own security barcode that many ticket reader machines can read. Or you can take advantage of our design service to have your own bespoke tickets. We can even print on both sides of the tickets for double the impact.

Finally, our tickets produce significantly less dust than others on the market which translates into less downtime for your machines.

All in all – UDC ECO tickets can mean significant savings in both the short and long term.

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