Joyce’s Column: December

17/12/2017 | 3 comments

Well here we go again the party season is once again upon us, I’m sure it comes around quicker each year but whatever I’m sure most of us enjoy it and there will be a few hangovers out there, but at the time we are eating and drinking hangovers are never thought about and I would think a lot of us have said ‘never again’ of course that is until the next time! Anyway no matter who with, where or how you celebrate this season I would like to extend my good wishes to you all and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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2017 Annual Sales Conference marks the end of a successful year

17/12/2017 | No comments

Last week Innovative Technology’s Annual Sales Conference took place at the UK head office in Oldham with sales staff from around the world gathering for this three-day event. Representatives from Spain, Germany, Italy, America, Czech Republic , Brazil, China and Australia all met to mark the end of a successful year in the ITL calendar. Sales staff shared experiences, targets and looked at plans and projections for 2018.

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Llandudno Pier Plans Cause Controversy

13/12/2017 | No comments

Controversial plans to build a block of apartments and a restaurant on the old pavilion pier site in Llandudno will be discussed this afternoon. The proposal to build 49 apartments, a restaurant and an underground carpark has been called “high quality” by the council’s planning officer, and it is recommended for approval.

However, Adam Williams, managing director of Tir Prince Leisure Group which owns Llandudno Pier says that the town is largely against the plans. He said urgent repairs would not go ahead on the 140-year-old pier while current plans to develop the site were in place.

“There are many good reasons to oppose the pavilion planning application, but the biggest one is undoubtedly the potentially catastrophic impact it would have if the pier is forced to close,” Mr Williams said.

The original pavilion pier theatre was destroyed by fire in 1994 and the site has been derelict ever since. Llandudno Pier has been visited by over six million people in 2017 and there are concerns tourism will be damaged by the development and the potential closure of the pier.



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Phil Mander: Mandy’s obituary

06/12/2017 | 1 comment

Last week Coin-op Community announced that Phil Mander finally succumbed to ill health and his funeral will be held on December 15. Here his wife Mandy shares some details about Phil the family man.

“Phil and I were married 34 years and 2 months to the day. He was the best man I have ever met.  Phil was a passionate family man who loved to be surrounded by his children and family and when he had to finally give up work, he was able to spend some quality time with them and me.  He loved me with every bone in his body and I returned that 100 fold.  We shall all really miss this honest, straight, funny, kind loving man for the rest of our lives.

Phil has four children: Emily (38yrs) Claire (35yrs) – married to Dave – 3 children Mason (6) Noah (2) Max (2) Paul (32yrs) and Aimee (28yrs) – married to Simon

 Aimee and Simon married 2 months and 1 day before Phil passed away and Phil achieved his ultimate goal, and her deepest wish, by walking her down the aisle to give her away to the man of her dreams.  His wedding speech was phenomenal, she was his baby girl. He was absolutely determined to make sure he handed his youngest daughter over properly and we all have fantastic memories that will be with us forever.

Phil was lucky enough to be blessed with 3 amazing grandsons that filled his heart with so much love he did not believe it possible.  Mason, Noah and Max were everything to him he adored them and loved our Wednesdays babysitting.

Things have been so unfairly tough for Phil in the past 16 years.  He has cheated death more than 5 times with pulmonary embolisms that could all have been fatal, he was in constant pain and desperately aware of his body slowing down and becoming less capable.. He hated being incapable of being the stand-up comic we all fell in love with, but he never lost his sense of humour.

Moving to Avebury felt like we had finally found our spiritual home and we both knew this was our home for life, we did not know it would not be for long enough but I have been given permission to have Phils ashes buried in our local church and now he will be with me forever.

Find more details about the funeral here



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SEGA Prize Zone Hatfield

06/12/2017 | 2 comments

by Toby na Nakhorn – arcade editor

In my spare time when not running an arcade I love to check out… Arcades. Having exhausted most of the Namco and Tenpin locations plus seaside towns, feeling nostalgic I typed SEGA into Google to see what had happened to my old haunt in Brighton. Amazingly a new venue popped up, only opened this year. SEGA were back in the UK arcade business? What new games would they have compared to standard locations? And the big question, would there be a life sized Sonic statue? I set out to Hatfield, Hertfordshire, to get answers.

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TouchTunes App is building income states Leisureplay MD

01/12/2017 | No comments

Income derived from the TouchTunes App is beginning to exceed that of coinage, according to the feedback from one of the country’s leading specialist jukebox operators. Marc Bird, Managing Director of Leisureplay confirmed: “When we first heard about the TouchTunes App we thought it would have niche applications in venues which had smoking areas or those which wanted a secondary unit. The fact is it’s working across a wide range of establishments including those with just a single room. The App is not just a nice thing to have: it’s an important income generator and the gap between App income and coinage is getting smaller and in at least one venue it represents the primary source of income.”

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Joyce’s column: November

21/11/2017 | No comments

UDC’s Richard (Bomber) Crompton caused quite a stir at the recent ACOS show as he left his large bag hanging around near a pillar and the security guard asked me if I knew who it belonged to, and at that time I didn’t. The security guard picked up the bag and went through it and she said it was ok there didn’t appear to be any strange devices in it (I think they might have meant bombs really but were not saying) so the security guard put the bag back beside the pillar, well that was the end of that so I thought, and I was still none the wiser as to who owned the bag.

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bacta bikers raise £8,345 – letter of thanks from Andy Murden

19/11/2017 | No comments

Thought you’d like to see this wonderful collage that our erstwhile photographer Norman “Lensman” Leftly has kindly put together of you, the wonderful people who sponsored the bacta bikers on our “Superheroes” Charity Quest this year! The reception we received was fantastic and I hope we brought some amusement back into our “amusement industry” as we posed for photos at your premises dressed as Batman, Bat Girl, Robin, Superman et al!  Almost all pledges are now in which will bring our total raised for Rays of Sunshine to £8,345! BIG THANKS, we couldn’t have done it without you!     

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Are analogue AWPs just too boring?

15/11/2017 | 1 comment

Last week we received the following comment on one of our stories:

“When are we going to get an article titled “Quality of games produced is crippling UK AWP market”? Because that’s what’s doing it. Some companies have been releasing the same game for over 5 years now. No wonder people are fed up. And now with bonus 10 losing exchanges before you finally get a feature.

Why do people gamble? To win money. You remove that chance and wonder why people don’t bother anymore?

I dare say there are other factors at play but the games themselves are the number one reason. And this damage is being done over a number of years. People don’t bother anymore. Everything is the same.

And if something good is released it might not do well on test because the rot has already set in. You could make a game that will over time do really, really well the test process can kill it resulting in manufacturers just copying each other and going low variance to try and scrape a good test figure. The industry is a mess. Stop blaming other factors. Look closer to home first.”

So – never one to shy away from controversy – Coin-op Community asked around. Industry stalwart IGaming’s Stephen Robins commented, “I agree with the previous comments. A lack of competition in manufacturing will ultimately lead to complete stagnation. This in conjunction with unimaginative legislation will cripple the sector. Perhaps it’s time to ignite the younger players with more lifestyle products, esports for example.”

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Daytona wins Prestigious Brass Ring Award for Best New Product

15/11/2017 | No comments

Sega Amusements International are the proud winners of the prestigious Brass Ring award for Daytona Championship USA, for Best New Product in the Arcade & Video Games Category.

Upon receiving the award Paul Williams, CEO at Sega, commented “This is an amazing start to IAAPA 2017, we are delighted by the award and humbled by the industries recognition for our innovation and the quality of entertainment delivered by Daytona.”

Daytona has been at the top of operators buying list, thanks to the instant re-match feature that players right back into the game thus boosting repeat play. The great looking cabinet design features a video billboard and unique under seat engine features, lit top to bottom the game attracts player’s attention in any location. Players love the game for its superb handling, fun game play, 4-way gear shifter. The operator friendly Tournament and Party mode are very popular amongst operators too.

Sega Amusements International would like to thank the IAAPA awards committee for awarding Daytona Championship USA the new product brass ring award.

To order Daytona now speak to Sega on +44 (0)208 391 8090; +1 (847) 364-9787;, or contact your local Authorized Sega Distributor.

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