‘Secret’ Games Cup Opens Doors to Support Jamie Procter’s Foundation


For 20 years, an annual golf competition called the Games Cup has been taking place between manufacturers and operators. Until now, the competition has not been widely promoted. It has even been referred to as the industry’s ‘best kept secret’. At this year’s event, co-sponsors E-Service and Innovative Technologies announced that the cloak of secrecy has been lifted in support of a charity close to the hearts of many of the players, with the launch of Jamie Procter’s Remembrance Trophy.


The first event took place in 1994 between a small group of companies including JPM and Paramount. Since then, the competition has been arranged every year by word of mouth, taking place at a range of venues throughout the UK. Manufacturers always compete against operators, playing to the rules of the Ryder cup. At this year’s event, which took place on the 21st and 22nd April, at Menzies Golf Club in Stratford-upon-Avon,  support for Jamie Procter’s Foundation was formally announced to the 24 players, who went on to raise over £1,500 for the charity.

Jamie Procter’s Foundation was chosen because of its close links to the industry. Julian and Angie Bond set up the charity four years ago when Angie’s son Jamie died suddenly in his mid-20s. The money raised supports deserving children from less privileged backgrounds by funding expeditions and adventure courses, which can often be life-changing for the participants. By the end of this year, Jamie Procter’s  Foundation will have supported over 300 nine to eleven year-olds, running courses in Brixham, Devon, including raft building, sailing and other outside sports.

Julian Bond a founder member of the Games Cup said, “I have been involved with the Games Cup since it started in 1994 and four of the twelve competitors today are original members. Now that E-Service and Innovative Technologies have chosen our charity, I am absolutely delighted and we all look forward to this becoming a major event in the industry calendar over the coming years.”

When the charity support was announced last weekend, the golfers were all delighted to dip their hands into their pocket to give additional donations. In particular, all the drinks were sponsored d by Alan Parker of Ace Gaming.  According to Mike Clokie of E-Service, “We are very proud to have launched The Jamie Procter Remembrance Trophy because the money raised will benefit the lives of so many young children by giving them an experience which will potentially inspire them to reach their potential, to improve their lives and to benefit society as a whole.”

As a competition, the event is serious and is a chance for companies to settle old industry scores, but is also light hearted and informal. This year game was halved 12 points each resulting in the Operators retaining the trophy.  According to Aidan Towey from Innovative Technologies, “it is a highly enjoyable way to catch up with friends and meet new colleagues. Apart from a semi-formal dinner on the Sunday evening, the rest of the event is very relaxed and good-natured competition.”

Now this event has been made public, the current participants are looking forward to welcoming new players to take part and to grow the event in the future to raise more funds for the Jamie Procter Foundation.


For more information about the Games Cup, contact Mike Clokie from E-Service, on 01707 280028 or Aidan Towey from Innovative Technology on 0161 626 9999.

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